Historical Overview:

Adel Ahmed Ali Junaid founder Adel Ahmed Junaid Contracting and founder of the branch of Al Adel Ahmed Junaid for customs clearance idea started since the entry of Mr. / Adel Ahmed Junaid, world clearance in 1413.

In early 1414 to start planning the establishment of an independent work him, but this work has to be his basis based on a solid base and is experienced in this field the one who worked on the acquisition of this experience under the hands of the people who practiced this work ably silhouetted brushing his perseverance and suffering that achieves objectives and future plans.
The beginning of path:

Thirteen-year-old brings the experience and self-confidence and money in this sector until the year 1427 was completed pillars of success he decided to draw a new history for himself on the establishment of customs clearance from the year 1427 to the year 1429 the start of the founding pillars of the institution and earn the trust of customers from which he could be Asma echo around world customs and then decided from the year 1429 to the year 1431 the plan was to maintain the gains that cropped and expansion in the scope of work and then decided in 1432 to establish periodic meetings and plans established produces through these meetings is the implementation of what has been planned and follow-up unless it gains these meetings crews of staff with expertise and efficiency resulted in the following :

1. Crew of specialized staff to follow up on incoming shipments of clients since shipped from the country of origin until they arrive.

2. Crew of specialized personnel to follow the arrival of cargo port and enter their data and work on the Notes, Classification and translation. 

3. Crew of specialized personnel to follow procedures for the cargo inside the port until the end of the Ageritha customs. 

4. Crew of specialized staff to follow up on shipments from the port door until it reaches the client. 

5. Crew of specialized personnel to follow the movements of cargo on lorries and distributed or stored as requested by the client in storage yards. 

6. Crew of specialized personnel to complete the follow-up paperwork and closing files and billing for the client.

 All of this has been and praise God Almighty through in eight years and now we are seeking to expand these crews parallel with rising demand from customers to remain conservative on our objectives in this service at the highest level and efficiency.

Mission goals:

Customer confidence: always strive to earn the confidence of the client in terms of maintaining its secrets.
Customer Service: Through a crew of staff with high expertise.
the speed of completion of the transaction: and so the grace of God and then manage to work through the distribution of work tasks to employees.
transfer speed: connectivity to all parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
• Provide storage yards: arenas provide storage for the client at competitive prices.
Reporting: daily reports via e-mail or direct contact with the customer service and answer any questions.
continuous development: follow developments in the world of customs clearance and supply what the customer is new information indicating the client to make the work completed quickly and easily in the future.

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